3.29.20 Press Release Title VI Meal disbursement effective March 30, 2020 moving forward until further notice.

29 March 2020




Subject: Title VI Meal disbursement for March 30th moving forward until further notice.


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the Title VI meal program is implementing the following meal disbursement plan beginning March 30th and the same process will continue until further notice. In an effort to limit exposure to our elders while at the same time continuing to provide a very necessary service, we are implementing preventative measures. See the schedule below for elderly meals through the Title VI Program:


For homebound elders receive:

Monday—we will deliver 1 hot meal and 4 additional meals consisting of non-perishable food items for  (milk/juice)

Thermometers will be given out during home deliveries.


Elders to Pick up Meals at Shawnee Title VI (LA Title VI will be closed):

Monday—10:00am-2:00pm, you will be given 5 days’ worth none perishable food items (milk/juice)       

For your safety and staff, prior to receiving your meal, you will be stopped by AST Police to have your temperature checked    


For any inquiries please contact Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health System at 405.701.7621.  To stay abreast of changes and access the most current information, please bookmark the COVID-19 on the following website: https://www.asthealth.org/covid-19. Additionally our AST Health System now is providing a 24/7 AST Health System 24 hour LIVE Corona Virus (COVID-19) Information Number: 405.695.1787 to help tribal members. Ne-yi-wa!