ASTHS Press Release COVID-19 response actions (3.19.20)



Subject: Corona Virus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Actions by AST Health System


The health system rapidly moved out upon the declaration of a National, State, and Tribal States of Emergency declared this month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Health Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was stood up on 2 March 2020, and daily Tribal Crisis Action Team (TCAT) meetings are being held twice daily to monitor the deteriorating situation. Maximum effort was engaged in establishing temperature checks for employees, implementing the CDC guidelines for employees and their families, as well as implementing the AST Pandemic and All Hazards Response Plans. Daily meetings with the OSDH Regions 6/8, the AST Public Safety and AST Emergency Manager have been vital in a coordinated and synergistic response under the direct oversight of the Executive Committee and Health Boards Chairwoman.  Quick actions and solid plan execution are ensuring that all homebound patients are being provided meals with all infection control protocols in-place as well as care packages being provided to homebound patients. Additional coordination with the White House with Tribal Leaders, other federal agencies, and the state all combine to assure vital National Stockpile Supplies were delivered and implemented within our plan quickly.  Several COVID-19 exposure “false alarms” were experienced early on as criteria was in flux and moving into a contingency configuration which was attained within only a few days as the health system partnered with the state to get ahead of the deadly COVID-19 outbreak curve. While it will be some time before we all move back into a “normal” life again, the spirit of determination, cooperation, and assistance remain key to this large-scale Public Health response. 


The AST Health System has additionally stood up a 24/7 AST Health System 24 hour LIVE Corona Virus (COVID-19) Information Number: 405.695.1787. We will continue to monitor the situation and push out information via our website and through our Facebook page. To stay abreast of changes and access the most current information, please bookmark the COVID-19 on the following website: and/or follow us on Facebook.      


The AST Health System always strives to make your health its top priority, and you all make a difference for our health system and the health and wellness of all of our patients!



Mark E. Rogers, MAL, FACHE, CMPE, CHC

Executive Director

AST Tribal Health System