ASTHS Press Release regarding COVID-19 (3.14.20)

13 March 2020


Subject:Corona Virus (COVID-19) Emergency Response Actions by AST Health System


The Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health System’s Executive Team has activated the Health System’s Emergency Operations Center (EoC) within the tribal health system with assistance of the AST Emergency Manager.

Our AST Health System has additionally stood up a 24/7 AST Health System 24 hour LIVE Corona Virus (COVID-19) Information Number: 405.695.1787 to help tribal members, employees, our health workers, and area schools educate and prepare for the coronavirus within the AST Community. While there are NO confirmed cases of the COVID-19 within the AST communities of Shawnee and LittleAxe, the AST Health System wants all the AST families and employees to stay informed and take precautions to reduce the risk.

If any AST tribal members or their family have symptoms like cough, fever or other respiratory problems, they should contact their AST Health System or primary care physician first and not go to the emergency room unless essential (life, limb, eyesight). Emergency rooms need to be able to serve those with the most critical needs. All AST Health Clinics are screening patients to ensure increased safety. Additionally, please contact the clinic prior to arrival if you feel you may have symptoms, or have been exposed, to the COVID-19 virus.

Additional funding of $40 million is being set aside by the federal government for tribes with potentially more state and federal grants becoming available in the next few days and weeks. To stay abreast of changes and access the most current information, please bookmark the COVID-19 on the following website:

Executive Director
AST Tribal Health System