Pluscare Closed the evening of 5/18/20



The AST PlusCare Clinic is closed for the remainder of the day due to plumbing issues. We will resume normal operations tomorrow 5/19/20 at 11am, apologies for the inconvenience. Please remember our Shawnee Walk-In Clinic is closed (until further notice). Thank you.


Please call ahead for possible health system closures or delays:

Little Axe Health Center 405.447.0300 • Shawnee Clinic 405.878.5850 • PlusCare 405.447.0477


Health closures/delays are also posted on the “Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health System” Facebook page and on the ASTHS website at


LAHC 405.447.0300 / Shawnee Clinic 405- 878-5850 / PlusCare 405.447.0477