RESCHEDULED DATE: Zombie Run & Trick or Treat

Due to anticipated and forecasted weather conditions for tomorrow (high winds, blowing rains, 1-3 inches falling between 6-9PM tomorrow, and cold air temperatures), the Zombie Team has determined it is in the best interest of everyone due to safety and health reasons to reschedule the event from tomorrow to next Monday, same time and place (6-9PM, Clear Bay Lake Thunderbird).

This will ensure safety to the runners, children, employees, and other volunteers to avoid needless suffering from the wet and cold and alleviate any parking issues, ruined costumes/displays, or potential for exposure to illness exacerbated by the poor weather conditions. We apologize for the change but felt overall it to be in the best interest of the community, attendees, and volunteers. Monday is projected to be clear and 60 degrees – much better!

Please help us get the word out, thank you for your support.

For more info contact Buster Bread at 405.364.7298 and/or Kasey Dean at 405.701.7993 or check out MyDNA Rocks FB page to get the latest info.