The Dental Department at the Little Axe Health Center would like to take this opportunity announce the availability of emergency dental services every Monday morning. The clinic will be from 8:00 AM -11:30 AM.

Check in will be from 8:00 AM-9:00 AM and patients will be evaluated on a first come first serve basis for the need of emergency treatment. Only a certain number of patients will be able to be seen that day. The number of patients seen will be determined by clinic availability and based on the type of emergency and treatment needed. Some patients may not be able to receive treatment that day depending on the needs of others and type of emergency.

The last patient will be seen at 11:30 AM. Patients who have suffered trauma or have a present infection will be considered before others. Patients of record will also be considered before new patients.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 405.447.0300.

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Health Awareness Fair for All Generations (click for flyer)
Free Public Event at Little Axe Health Center, Friday, August 1, 2014 from 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Veterans Enrollment Event - Explore Your Eligibility for Veterans Benefits!
  • Back to School Physical Exams (Parental Consent Required)
  • Dental Screenings
  • Health Screenings
  • Free Hair Cuts - Paul Mitchell
  • Wound Care & Foot Exams
  • Injury Prevention
  • Child Safety Seat Install/Inspection
  • Veterans Enrollment Information
  • Social Security Disability Assistance
  • Health Insurance Enrollment
  • Medication Management
  • DUI Prevention and Simulations
  • $5 Free Play - Thunderbird Casino
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  • Each Donor Receives
  • A Feel Cool T-Shirt
  • Two OKC Zoo Admission Tickets
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Be careful not to avoid the dentist too much because, in my opinion, there is nothing worse than a toothache. The pain is so intense and noth-ing seems to make it go away . Some people have said “I would rather be in labor than have a severe toothache.” 

Fortunately, most toothaches can be prevented by visiting your dentist for regular check-ups. Unfortunately, many people wait until they have a severe toothache before going to the dentist. 

In my dental career, I have noticed that the two major reasons that most people avoid the dentist are finances and dental fears and phobias.
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Most Common cause of tooth sensitivity in adults is the exposed tooth roots due to receding gums. Do your teeth hurt when you eat something cold or hot?  When you breathe in really cold air? Then you might be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity happens when the vulnerable under layer of your teeth-the dentin- is exposed. This allows the tubules that run from the dentin to the nerve to carry pain sensations.  

  • Brushing too hard
  • Receding gum line allowing the root to be exposed
  • Excessive  use  of  tooth  whiteners  and  abrasive  toothpaste
  • Mouthwash or foods with high acidity
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How can you tell if you're hitting the mark when it comes to good oral care? Generally, your 
teeth and gums should not bleed, be painful, or feel rough or sharp to your tongue.  Your breath 
should be fresh for at least a couple of hours after brushing in the morning and after having 
eaten breakfast. One of the easiest ways to prevent gum disease is to clean your teeth properly, 
so try these tricks for a healthier mouth.

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