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Care Bucks

Do you shop at Country Boy? If so, do you ever wonder what those Care Bucks are for? They're used to fund nonprofit organization's and events. So next time say "YES" to your Care Bucks and donate to the AST Wellness & Diabetes Program.  Drop them off or mail them to:  LAHC AST Diabetes & Wellness Program, 15951 Little Axe Drive, OK,  73026.



Wellness & diabetes Services and Resource Center Hours

Diabetes and Wellness Education Program

The goal of the Diabetes and Wellness program is to provide a supportive resource to tribal members who are currently diagnosed  with diabetes, or at risk  and seeking information and/or support for diabetes and personal health. The program will offer guidance on healthy lifestyle changes such as eating healthy, exercise tips including workout classes and two certified trainers, and keys to reducing stress.

Absentee Shawnee Tribe Resource Center Fitness Hours:

Monday-Friday- 6:00am-9:00pm



For more information please call our clinic at 701-7977 or visit (Then navigate to our Diabetes & Wellness section under the Services section)




President's Day 2/20

In observance of President’s Day, Monday, Feb. 20th,  all AST Health facilities will be CLOSED except the PlusCare Clinic.  PlusCare will be OPEN holiday hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with the last patient accepted at 4:30 PM.


Little Axe Health Center - West Entrance

Please be advised - beginning Monday, March 13th , the Little Axe Health Center's west entrance to the facility will be closed for public entry.   All patients and clinic visitors shall enter through the south main entrance.  The west door entrance will be closed due to security concerns for patient, employee, and public safety.


SC Ext Hours Closure 2/14

Shawnee Clinic Extended Hours will be CLOSED this evening (2/14)  beginning at 5:00 PM due to unforeseen staff illnesses.  PlusCare Clinic will be OPEN to accept walk-ins, business as usual, till 9:00 PM with the last patient accepted at 8:30 PM.


Exercise and Diabetes

Aerobic exercise is a great way to help control type 2 diabetes. Yet, you may not be reaping all the positive benefits of an effective type 2 diabetes exercise plan using just aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is terrific though— it can improve heart health and lower your risk for heart attack or stroke. However, strengthening your muscles is another important part of staying healthy when you have type 2 diabetes.


When you exercise with weights or other forms of resistance, it can be especially helpful for controlling your blood sugar. Resistance training also helps human skeletal muscles to become more sensitive to the body’s natural insulin. As you begin to develop more skeletal muscle your blood sugar levels may become less elevated. More muscle tissue may lead to greater glucose uptake and increased insulin sensitivity!


SC Bldg 16 Construction Update

Shawnee Clinic's building 16 (north) breezeway entrance is open until futher notice.  Please disregard the alternative entrance route for the south entrance (PT area) is closed/locked.


Shawnee Clinic Building 16 Construction

Shawnee Clinic's Building 16 (north) breeze way entrance is closed until further notice due to construction.

Physical Therapy & Contract Health patients - please use the south door for building entry.  



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