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IHS ADM and Office Support Student Trainee (Pathways Internship)

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Facilities/Departments: Using the below links, please print and post the Job Announcement Vacancies from, and also forward to the Service Unit department chiefs and a designated person at any other facilities you may have within your Service Unit. If you need assistance, please contact Justin Parsons at (405) 951-3750.

IHS-16-OK-1677020-ESEP/MP, Administrative and Office Support Student Trainee (Pathways Internship)


Multiple Schedules, Multiple Appointment Types,

Multiple Locations

Open: May 12, 2016 Closes: August 10, 2016

Justin Parsons
Human Resources Assistant Contractor
Indian Health Service HR Center
701 Market Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114
Phone: 405-951-3750
Fax: 405-951-3865