Wellbriety (White Bison)

Recovery is personal. But understanding helps.

We offer a cultural approach to personal recovery and substance abuse from a Native American perspective. Wellbriety Group Meetings are held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. every Thursday at the ASTHS-Shawnee Clinic Multipurpose Building.

This program was developed by White Bison, Inc., based upon teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the Cycle of Life and the Four Laws of Change. The Medicine Wheel and 12-Step program are designed in a series of modules that enable people to meet their individual needs. Participants watch a video that explains Medicine Wheel teachings and apply them to their lives.

In addition, participants share their insights and experiences in a talking circle. A sweat lodge is sustained by the tribal community. AST members and members of other tribes are welcome to attend the ceremony. Contact Behavioral Health for more information.

John Soap,LPC
Shawnee Clinic