Little Axe Health Center Contract Health Services

In the event you require services beyond what is available at ASTHS, your primary provider may refer you for services outside of the clinic. Contract Health Services (CHS) funds may cover the cost for these services and some additional services such as hearing aids, orthodontics, and emergency room visits. The expenditure of CHS services is based on medical necessity and current funding level.

Enrolled Absentee Shawnee Tribal members who are able to provide proof of residency within the designated catchment areas for the previous 6 months will be eligible to receive services through Contract Health. AST members must reside within the AST catchment areas of Pottawatomie, Cleveland, Oklahoma, parts of Logan and Lincoln Counties. To coordinate these benefits on your behalf, we require you to call before scheduling any appointments with outside providers or facilities. In the case of Emergency Room visits, CHS will need to be notified within 72 hours of being admitted to determine eligibility for payment.

Federal regulations require that CHS funds are to be used only after all other alternative resources have paid.

Click this link to view the complete Contract Health Services Guidelines packet. If you have questions, please contact Contract Health (Little Axe Health Center) at 405.701.7951.

Non-ASTs, who are members of other federally recognized tribes, who utilized Shawnee Clinic services and are in need of advanced care, will be referred to their local tribal/Indian Health Service area.