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Family of Alcoholics Support Group

Absentee Shawnee Behavioral Health Services Thursday March 19, 2015 @ 6PM

Please call John Soap and/or Richard Bennett at the Absentee Shawnee Behavioral Health at 405.878.4716 to ask for more information. The meeting place will be in the employee committee/music room house (yellow with brown trim) at the Absentee Shawnee Complex located at 2025 S. Gordon Cooper.

Drinks with coffee and snacks will be provided. The meeting times will be every Thursday at 6:00PM-7:00PM.

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Saturday, June 14th
No Registration Fee
Open to the public!
* Medals awarded to top 3 winners in each age category:(5-11yrs;12-17yrs; 18-55yrs; 55+; Male vs Female in all categories)
* All Ages Welcome!
* 1 Mile Fun Walk for Kids!

Registration Begins at 6:00 am (No Late Starts)
Register at Event!
5K Race Starts at 7:00 am
Fun Run/Walk starts at 8:00 am
Location: Firelake Event Center, Shawnee, OK
For more info contact: Jenifer Sloan @ 405.701.7988 or Kasey Dean @ 405.701.7993
Sponsored by AST MSPI/SPF
*Free T-shirts & Incentives!

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MSPI"Following in Our Footsteps" presents
March 21st
1pm -4pm
Thunderbird Casino Event Center
Norman, Little Axe location

(East door front entrance, only)
Should you need a ride please, call Jenifer Sloan@ 701-7988 by Wednesday, March 19th before 5pm.

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The Behavioral Health Department welcomed a new member to the staff this month. Monte Blake is a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, with 26 years of experience in mental health and social services. Utilizing a cognitive behavioral approach to therapy coupled with an empathic understanding of the psychodynamic influence of early childhood experiences and the complexities of life, Monte has provided therapeutic services to a wide range of populations and people of all races and walks of life. Monte has worked in mental health centers, mental health hospitals and public schools. He has provided therapeutic services in the home and spent ten years providing services to incarcerated men in a medium security prison.

A prevailing philosophy for Monte has been the belief that people are capable of positive change in their life, regardless of their personal struggle, if they are willing to afford themselves an honest self evaluation through reflection, contemplation and examination of their internal dialogue and behavioral choices.

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The MSPI Creative Arts Program offers free music lessons all year round for Native American children from 6 years to 19 years old. Adults are also encouraged to participate. Come join the fun and learn to play the guitar, bass guitar, piano, or vocals.

Contact Phil Bradley, Music Instructor 405.275.4030 Ext: 117 or Cell 405.370.5576 

At the Shawnee Campus from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Classes are made possible through AST Behavioral Health’s Meth/Suicide Prevention Initiative Grant (MSPI) “Following in Our Footsteps” 

Come enjoy music and have some fun too!

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